An Alternate Universe

An Alternate Universe 2020
Adobe Illustrator


Time flies emotions remain 2021

‘I miss the mountains’ 2015
Adobe photoshop

‘I miss the mountains’ 2020
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The Ant and the Grasshopper 2021
comic book

‘Cats in my Backyard’ 2020
Adobe Photoshop

Vintage Bloom study 2019
Adobe Illustrator

Aviary 2018
Adobe Illustrator

Spring Flowers 2021
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about damn time 2022
Adobe Illustrator
Squiggle color experiment 2022
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Le Chat 2017 
Adobe Photoshop

Jeux - an orchestra of flovours, 2014 
Hypothetical packaging project
Adobe Illustrator

Printmaking explorations 2015

Left— blockprinting exploration
Right—screenprinted table cloth 2015

Alone together 2021

Photography 2013—2019
Tumbler link

Gooey 2021
Adobe Illustrator

Millennials 2019 Poster made from Simon Sinek's talk on Millennials following design directions/constraints like,
1. Make something quite,
2. Collection,
3. Code,
4. .com,
5. System.

The script is reflected so that it can be read only through a front camera (a commentary on how us, the Millennials tend to view the world). The highlighted text is marked with purple (looks like visited links)

Capturing time 2019

Pie in the Sky— Surrealism and Fashion
Ink on paper