Bangla Typeface

Project Advisor Christopher Sleboda

Boston University Spring 2021

Ombor is a Bangla/ Bengali modular typeface built through the free font building website called FontStruct. It is an experimental typeface that explores whether it is possible to create script typefaces modularly like latin typefaces. The inspiration comes from remembering the beginning of Autumn when the monsoon clouds depart to mark the Festive season's advent in Kolkata- Durga Puja. White fluffy clouds float across a stark azure sky; the sparkling sunlight brings in a feeling of excitement and anticipation of the festivities and joys of the following days.

swarabarna (vowels) and matras

byanjanbarna (consonants) and numbers

juktabarna (conjunct letters)

Top to bottom: Ombor (Sky), Shubho Bijoya (Shubo Bijoya is celebrated from the last day of Durga Puja, i.e., Vijaya Dashami to Kali Puja (Diwali). Shubho Bijoya is not just a traditional greeting, but also a way to celebrate the auspicious victory over evil.), Shubho Noboborsher Priti o Shubechcha (Happy New Year, love and best wishes).