Extreme Scale

           The Anxiety Flexagon

Project Advisor Nicholas Rock

Boston University Fall 2020

 The anxiety flexagon is an attempt to formulate an abstract concept like anxiety. I have been suffering from anxiety since  my childhood and the flexagon is a reflection of what anxiety feels like given by my personal experience. To me the triggers tend to repeat infinitely closing up on me from all sides. The form of the flexagon worked perfectly as it loops infinitely and showcase the triggers.
The triggers shown here are:
— The unbendable structures laid by any societal construct,
— Responsibilities and how they have a tendency to  keep piling up,
— Bad Luck,
—  and Imposter Syndrome.  The easiest way to explain this would be that I feel like a comic sans in a room full of Didots.

The final result is not only a representative of anxiety, it is also a reliever, a momentary antidote as it acts as a fidget toy for overwhelming times.