Arthur Hoener

           Karl E. Fortess Audio Archive

Project Advisor Mary Yang

Boston University Spring 2020

For this project we had to transcribe an interview of an artist, in my case Mr. Arthur Hoener and find a suitable connection in the artist’s sensibilities to define a visual language to guide typographic decisions taken to create a publication for the BU School of Visual Arts Library.

Summary of the interview
Arthur Hoener says that as an artist he is an abstractionist and constructivist who likes to delve in the liminality between labels like ‘painter’ or ‘sculptor’. He respects an artist who dedicates his entire life to his vocation. He feels that in order to generate consistent results, steady work schedules and maintaining familiarity with a maker’s space and work is ideal. Breaking the pattern often could lead to a hot-and-cold pattern in an artist’s creativity. When it comes to craft, Mr. Hoener says, ‘If what you are doing is worthwhile saying, you might as well say it as well as you possibly can’. He finds it defficult in defining how to teach art saying that just how materials should not control the thought of an artist, the activity or task shouldn’t restrict or dictate a student’s thinking. He urges students to find out what they as an individual respond to rather than following trends because what’s happening in the industry now, will be out-dated  tomorrow.