50 Iterations

           Möbel unserer Zeit

Project Advisor  Kristen Coogan

Boston University Fall 2019

Original Herman Miller Collection poster Armin Hofmann, Möbel unserer Zeit
Fifty iterations of Armin Hofmann Advertisement poster for Herman Miller called Möbel unserer Zeit. Herman Miller is a furniture brand  and the focus of the poster was to advertise the variety of designs available for chairs at the company. The poster was printed with linocut and letterpress.

To expand on the idea of overconsumption of advertisements and their overwhelming quality. The repetitive mannerism of the iterations reillustrates how the advertisements fight against each other to grab our attention, making it harder to focus on the content of the printed material. The final outcomes were three folded zines printed on newsprint with a plotter to give them the feel of an inexpensive  offset-printed newspaper.

I used the existing colors of the original poster and their negatives as my color board for the iterations.

50 iterations

Final zines

Special thanks to Wei Yun Chen and Mahnoor Butt