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Project Advisor Yael Ort-Dinoor

Boston University Fall 2020

I believe visual communication can be a conversation starter and a tool to challenge the standards of normalcy. India has become the country with the most number of coronavirus cases outside of the United States and has a cumulative caseload of 4.28 million. It has effected me personally as I see my parents, relatives, friends and their parents getting affected directly because of the massive surge in infections. The government is regulating the data a lot because of which the media does not reveal a lot of what is going on, giving a false sense of normalcy which is laxing the seriousness of the situation.

The goal of this application is to address the issue directly through the most common themes because of which the infections are spreading at such a massive rate. To spread awareness by giving the power of media to the public to educate each other by sharing their personal experiences in order to be more aware and careful.

The 8 themes are represented through 8 symbols which are used as filters to guide the user and help ease the process.

+Let people capture/record events in a safe and secure manner
+Show news/updates with respect to the specific issues.
+Scan issues with respect to location
+Conduct fundraisers in a safe and secure manner.

WireFrames overview